Sometimes people ask if I like to listen to music while I write, or if I make playlists for my books. The simple answer is YES!

The slightly more complicated answer is that even though I don’t normally listen to music while I am physically writing (like, headphones while I type) music plays a big part in helping me develop the story, characters, and conflict of my books. Sometimes a song can represent the vibe of a whole book, a whole chapter, or just a scene. Sometimes a song can represent a total character, or a discrete part of their arc (character arc = the internal and external conflict that forces the character to change over the course of the story.)

Lately, I’ve been sharing my fave lyrics on Instagram, often with a caption explaining how the song or lyric connects to a given book or character. I love sharing inside details like that with you. If you want to see more stuff like that (I’ve got a ton of it!) let me know!

So where do I keep track of all these songs? Well, I keep the lists here on the website, but for the most up to date version of each playlist, find them on Spotify!

Here are the links:

(I’ll post the Blood Born playlist as we near the 8/31 release date so stay tuned!)

Until next time, loves!


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