Steamy romance with a speculative twist, the Dispelled Lineage Series was co-written by Elle Beauregard and Lin Lustig (The Frequency Series) as a loose (+ queer + hot) homage to their favorite animated classics. You can find all of the Dispelled Lineage ebooks on Amazon.

Reese lands her dream job, but crushing on the CEO is a professional risk she can’t take…

Reese’s unusual ability to sense trauma is a hindrance, but when her career takes off, her heart opens to her new boss’s pain—and to his incredible kindness. Billionaire CEOs are never this considerate, and Leo’s intoxicating presence is dangerously addicting. Reese just has to focus on the job if she wants to keep it—she’s got this. Kind of.

Leo immediately sees Reese’s extraordinary potential, and her skills are essential for making their upcoming industry event a success. Except he didn’t expect her to draw out a part of himself he forgot existed. Their chemistry is tempting him to cross the boss-assistant line, and he’s afraid no amount of this-is-a-bad-idea logic will restrain his desires. Somehow, he must maintain his professionalism to protect them both from an HR disaster.

As the event approaches, the sparks between them risk igniting, and the intense fire could burn them both. If Reese can’t keep her distance, she’ll spill her secrets and crack Leo’s fragile heart. If Leo can’t regain control of his feelings, he risks Reese’s career and control of his company—and he will not derail either of their futures.

But what if she will?


Today Lana’s husband will leave her.

She knows before he does, thanks to her ability to see the probability of whatever scenarios she can imagine. What she didn’t see, however, was him gutting their accounts, forcing her to turn to her narcissistic miscreant of a father for help. He offers her a deal: act as head counsel for his company in exchange for whatever money she needs.

Shawn has argued cases against all kinds of opposing counsel, but none as stunning or sharp-tongued as Lana Stevens. As she attempts a civil working relationship, Shawn finds Lana’s hard edges enticing, but crushing on the opposing counsel is an obvious objection, despite the chemistry between them.

No matter what Lana does, she can’t see Shawn’s probabilities—which is both infuriating and irresistible. Free from her husband’s biphobia, Lana has a hard time resisting Shawn’s inexplicable charm, but falling into bed with her would be more than career-limiting—she could lose everything to her asshole ex, taking away the freedom to live the life she wants far away from her father… and now closer to Shawn.

Phillis is a queen and Aaron wants to be trapped in her dungeon.

Aaron abhors being his dad’s preternatural lackey and emotional punching bag, but in the end, it’s what monsters deserve. The only way Aaron controls his guilt over a tragic past mistake is by relinquishing his darkness to the domination of a professional.

Working as a queen among Dommes, Phillis, a.k.a Persephone, knows taking Aaron on is a risk. His psyche is dark and unstable, but he’s the perfect, obedient sub who pays top dollar for her elite skills. There’s something about him she can’t ignore and when she begins to conflate endorphins and emotions, a princely side of Aaron emerges, intertwining their private lives in ways that Phillis isn’t prepared for.

As Aaron grows too attached to his Domme, it’s the blend of soft Phillis and hard Persephone that twists his heart. To be with her, he has to break the curse of hurting people he loves and wake up to the truth: no accident from the past makes him undeserving love. Letting Phillis in puts her life in his blood-stained hands, but letting her go could drive him too far into the darkness to ever see the light again.

What if mermaids were actually starmaids…

I can’t lose her again.

Bo’s obsession with finding his unearthly true love has cost him his family, but when she returns, Bo’s life can start anew—or so he hoped. When Nita reenters his life, she only has three days before her father rips her from Bo’s arms.

Nita doesn’t belong on Earth and her father, the king of her species, will kill her to prove his ultimate power. For Bo, the risk of dying as they fight for their love is worth it, but when Nita meets Bo’s children she recognizes them as hersand refuses to risk their lives, too. To save them all, Nita must break every rule of her kind to stay alive.

As Bo’s time with Nita dwindles, he needs the help of his children and their unusual abilities to fight, but when the FBI uses Bo’s criminal history to separate his family, they need help from an unexpected ally to stay united. If he fails to protect his loved ones, then like moths fighting a spotlight, they’ll face the deadly wrath of the alien king.