All Matra wants is to leave her fenced-in world behind and find the vampire she is forbidden to love. Out of hope and ideas, she has all but given up on a future away from the cult she calls a family, until fate delivers her the opportunity to run, and magic delivers her a new reason to fight: the inexplicable child she’s carrying in secret. Matra knows against all logic her unborn daughter belongs to the Immortal she loves, and hasn’t seen in five years, but if anyone in her “family” finds out, all of them—her love, her daughter, and Matra herself—will be in danger.

Christopher hasn’t been the same since he was forced to abandon the woman he adores to the mercy of her deranged family. Their worlds diverged into Us and Them with the introduction of new laws that control his kind. But now that he’s the assistant to the most powerful Immortal of all, when he finds Matra again, he won’t let anything stop him from keeping her by his side.

Destiny and magic conspire once more to lead them to each other, but Matra and Christopher’s happy reunion is heavy with risk. To keep their unexplainable child safe, they must embrace forbidden sides of themselves that could get them captured—if not killed. Because if anyone finds out the girl is impossibly Christopher’s daughter—or the lengths he will go to keep her safe—it could spell disaster not just for Matra’s new family, but for all humans and immortals alike. 

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Despite what she’s been told, Luceam has never believed that her parents are dead.  Raised as a ward by the secretive Zackery, she’s spent the last twenty years  hidden away, preparing to succeed his position as leader of their Immortal kind. But when Luceam discovers he plans to present her at a gala for their kind’s most elite just weeks away, she knows she can’t play by his rules any longer. She’ll risk her life to find her parents, but when escaping from the mansion puts her in grave danger, Luceam fears Zackery discovering her betrayal might be the least of her worries–until an enigmatic stranger intercedes.

On paper, Cyvin is a success story: a young prodigy and business owner by twenty-one. But Luceam quickly learns that Cyvin is plagued by horrific nightmares the moment he falls asleep, and has tried everything legal—and illegal—to stay awake. The attraction between him and the curious Luceam is instantaneous, but when he begins to suspect she’s in trouble, he makes her a deal: he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go—so long as she agrees not to travel alone within the city again. Over weeks as Luceam’s unofficial guide, their connection deepens, drawing Cyvin to inspect how his secrets feed the nightmares that keep him awake, and how Luceam’s love might just be the lullaby that could end his suffering—if telling the truth doesn’t drive her away first.

As Luceam struggles to mesh the future she wants with Cyvin and her rightful place as the heir to Zackery’s throne, the decades-old evil that separated her from her parents lurks closer, waiting to sever her last ties to her past, and the delicate new threads of her future with Cyvin. With the gala as a backdrop, Luceam’s double life is revealed, Zackery’s lies unfurl, and Cyvin is caught in the crosshairs of an assassination plot twenty years in the making. To keep everyone she loves, take Zackery’s place, and forge a future of her own design with Cyvin by her side, Luceam must embrace her blood born darkness so she can destroy the evil who dares stand in her way.

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Elle Beauregard

Stories where magic is real and women win.

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