The Shift Series – On Hiatus headers etc.

The Shift Series in a YA/NA transitional set of four novels (+ 2 novellas + 1 short-ish story.) It’s currently on hiatus and will return in Spring 2021 with new covers across all major e-bookstores. 

The four novels follow seventeen-year-old shifter Leah Brayton as she first learns to control and develop her abilities and forges an inexplicably strong connection with a fellow shifter named Drake King. When socio-political turmoil hits close to home, Leah’s skills and involvement in the Shifter community broaden until she alone is the key to saving them all.

Two novellas and one short story (yet to be released) supplement Leah’s journey by telling parts of the story Leah can’t.

Reading order:

  1. SHIFT
  3. DRIFT
  4. STAND
  5. Linking (Linking can be read between DRIFT and STAND)
  6. Waiting (Waiting can be read at any point after DRIFT. It’s available here on the website for free!)
  7. Living (to-be-released)

The Shift Series was first released in 2011-2014; it was later revised and re-released in Devember 2018. I liked to a Facebook Live I did where I talked about the re-release: why I did it, and why it was the right time to re-introduce Leah, Drake, and their world to, well, the world.