The Shift Series follows seventeen-year-old shifter Leah Brayton as she first learns to control and develop her abilities as a human shifter and forges an inexplicably strong connection with fellow shifter named Drake King. When socio-political turmoil hits close to home, Leah’s skills and involvement in the Shifter community broaden until she alone is the key to saving them all.

The Shift Series was first released in 2011-2014; it was later revised and re-released in December 2018. New covers and blurbs were added in 2021 after a short hiatus.

Shift Cover

SHIFT (Shift Series 1)

Have you ever wished you could look like someone else? 

The last time I did, my wish came true. I nearly revealed my brand new secret in the middle of the high school quad: I’m a shifter and I can look like anyone—in theory. Now I have to spend the summer with my eccentric aunt learning to control my new “gifts.” It’s hell… until I meet Drake.

DRIFT (Shift Series 3)

Sleeping next to vampires wasn’t on my five-year plan.

Then again, neither was going on the run. I was doing fine on my own until government agents started tailing me through Seattle. Then a vampire—sorry, civilized immortal—named Topher up and rescued me. Now I’m staying with the immortals running “daylight errands” while Drake is on his way. Topher said he’d keep me safe until then, but even with nowhere else to go, I’m not sure I can trust an immortal’s promise.

RECAST (Shift Series 2)

I thought saying goodbye to Drake was the worst thing that could ever happen…

That was until the world watched a vampire drain a reporter live on national television. A vampire. I thought shifters were the only creatures that shouldn’t exist. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a shifter steps onto the screen next—and turns my life upside down.

STAND (Shift Series 4)

All I wanted was Drake to myself.

And now I have him… and his seven-year-old cousin… and possibly depression. I guess that’s expected when you’re forced to pretend everything is normal when, in fact, nothing is normal at all. Even Drake and I playing at being happy university students is turning into a nightmare.