I know Heart Day was a few days ago, but when you write people falling in love for a living (and it’s your passion) Valentine’s Day is a whole week-long celebration. So humor me for a second, and follow me on this mini, love-laced, Cloaked Series journey.

How would Callum + Zander have spent their first Valentine’s Day?

The question popped into my head earlier this month, and immediately, I knew: They’d have gone out to eat an awesome meal at some really incredible restaurant. It wouldn’t have been fancy, but it would have been DELICIOUS. I mean, they live in New Orleans, of course it would be. In terms of timeline, Zander would have just moved into Callum’s (and Scott’s) place. And here’s how we know: a conversation in Cloaked Christmas that takes place on Christmas Eve night (a couple of months after The Cloak’s Shadow ends):

“So, Callum and I have an announcement,” Zander said from where she was sitting in the living room.

Cecily felt her eyes go wide and saw Scott’s brow furrow in question at her reaction.

“Are they about to say they’re pregnant?” she whispered.

Scott’s eyes shot wide. “Oh, god no. Nothing that intense, I promise.”

Oh, thank god. Okay.

Cecily liked babies fine. She could see a family in her future—with ‘future’ being the operative term. Right now she wasn’t even sure she was ready to be an aunt.

She nicked her wine glass from the counter as she turned to give Zander and Callum her attention. The two of them were sitting on the sofa across the room. Zander’s feet were in Callum’s lap; her lips were red wine-stained, her eyes bright.

She looked happy. Really happy.

They both did. Callum’s smile was crooked and real; his hand was resting on top of Zander’s feet and his lips were likewise a darker shade of pink than usual.

Zander looked at Callum, then turned to the room at large—their mom sitting on the love seat adjacent their sofa; Alyssa sat at the dining table between the living room and the kitchen where Scott and Cecily were awaiting whatever announcement Zander was about to give. “Callum and I are moving in together,” Zander finally said. “Well, I’m moving in with Callum. And Scott.” She lifted her wine glass toward Scott, who gave a nod and a quiet laugh.

Why does that matter? Because that means this is their first Valentines Day together AND their first Valentine’s Day since moving in together. That’s a big deal!!

I made a Reel on Instagram with the snippet of dialog that popped into my head when I first asked myself the question of how they’d spent their first heart day together and you can find that below.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, I hope February is full of love for and from yourself and others. ♥️

“Where are we going?”
“It’s a Valentine’s Day surprise.”
“But you hate ‘cheesy displays of obligatory romance’.”
“True. But I like taking you to restaurants.”
“Because when I’m there ghosts can’t talk at you?”
“That’s an added bonus, but no. I like watching you eat. When the food is really good, you make the same face as when I make you come.”

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