Unlike Tubac, I had been to the setting of DRIFT many times.  I live in the Seattle area, so it was no big feat to take some pictures downtown.  That said, it was interesting to compare my memory of these places to the real thing.  In one or two cases, I had to go back and change a description or two.  Enjoy!

Seattle WA | DRIFT (Shift Series #3)
The corner of 1st and Pike: the Green Tortoise Hostel.
Seattle WA | DRIFT (Shift Series #3)
The entrance to the Hostel. This is across from both Pike Place Market in one direction, and the Hard Rock Cafe in the other.
Seattle WA | DRIFT (Shift Series #3)
Everybody has seen this picture (and better versions of it at that,) but it’s worth including since the Market plays such a pivotal role in DRIFT.
Seattle WA | DRIFT (Shift Series #3)
This is Post Alley–the alley Leah turns down when fleeing from Mythological Affairs. Where she first meets Topher.
Seattle WA | DRIFT (Shift Series #3)
This is Century Square, which is the site of many protests both in real life, and in DRIFT. Ironically, this picture was taken during the Occupy Seattle protests in 2012. RECAST was written WAY before the Occupy movement occurred, but the parallels were uncanny (except for the lack of vampires and shapeshifters, of course.) I wrote a post about the similarities (and differences) here: http://ellebeauregard.tumblr.com/search/Occupy


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