I like to keep ya’ll in the loop, so here’s my release/project plan for 2023.

Good news! Dispelled Lineage is already back in Kindle Unlimited! (First goal of 2023 ✅) Dispelled Lineage is definitely my spiciest series, so if you like your romance hot and with a dash (okay, sometimes a heaping scoop) of sci-fi fantasy, go grab the first in the series, Untangled!

Anyway, this schedule is changeable, so I’ll let you know if any of these dates have to shift (especially the Blood Born release date, because I know some of you are really looking forward to that!) Otherwise, stick around and lend me some positive vibes because 2023 is shaping up to be a hallmark (no pressure) year!

“But Elle, in your last post you said your word of the year was EASE and you weren’t going to apply a whole bunch of pressure to yourself! How is that going?”

So glad you asked! 😉 Believe it or not, this release schedule is me easing off the accelerator quite a bit. I like to release at least one book per year, and in 2023 I’ll be doing just that. My initial plan was to release Blood Born and Blood Tied back-to-back, but after some introspection, I realized that would do my mental health a lot of harm. They will come out closer together than Blood Bond (book 1) and Blood Born (book 2) are releasing–six months apart instead of ten–but not back-to-back. My wellbeing thanks you for your patience ♥️

So how is my year of EASE going so far? Pretty good! It’s a process, learning to approach nearly everything in my life in a new way, and I’m by no means perfect, but steps have been taken and even baby steps toward my goal are progress, so I’m taking the win. For example, last week, the family and I all went into Seattle for the day. I had a short appointment at 2PM and normally I would have been stressing about the time every minute–but I didn’t. I made the decision to stay mindful of my thoughts around timing/the time, and managed to stay super chill and unstressed. And ya know what? Everything came off perfectly. We weren’t late to anything, got to eat lunch, and we had so much more fun than we would have if I had been stressing the whole time. #bigwins.

How are your 2023 goals/shifts coming along?

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