I LOVE fresh starts. Who doesn’t, right? The only problem with that new years rush of post-vacation, rested, sated, ready-to-take-on-the-world energy is that it’s so easy to WAY over-commit, make huge goals, and expect yourself to wake up on New Years Day a whole new person. And ya know, you aren’t. You’re the same wild, beautiful soul who went to bed way too late on NYE, possibly buzzed, and probably holiday-exhausted.

We’ve all done it. So this year, I made a very deliberate decision not to. In fact, when I chose my word for the year, I chose the antithesis of hustle, stress’s archenemy: EASE.

I’m not pushing this year. Does that mean I’m not doing anything? Of course not! I love my career and my stories way too much to walk away. But I am releasing my stranglehold on control, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks beginning to build systems in my business and life (we’re talking super simple tweaks to what I was doing already) to help bolster my sense of ease and help me stay on the Ease wagon (instead of falling back into my death grip, all-or-nothing, stress-cycle tendencies.)

So, with ease and peace front and center, here are my intentions for 2023, in no particular order:

  • ✅ (This one I already did!) Create new branding for my website and social media presence. (Check out the header above! How do you like it?)
  • Donate 5% of my author income (not just profits) to A) CLOVES Syndrome Community and B) Another organization I will choose (with the help of my community of readers!) at the beginning of Q4.
  • Create kick-ass stories to expand my brand’s reach to new readers, delight my existing fans, and feed my writer’s soul.
  • Develop systems and habits to facilitate ease and no-pressure success in my author business.

I’m manifesting big shifts this year, friends. Big shifts with little stress.

Do you create a word of the year? If so, and you wanna share, I’d love to know what you chose! Comment and tell me all about it!

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