In my last post, I talked about the way vamps keep coming back into fashion over and over again, and I asked for YOUR theories on why.

Well, none of you responded, so here’s my take and you can argue with me in the comments 😉

  1. We, as humans, want to be more than we are.
  2. We like a little touch of danger with our desire.

Simple, right? Who doesn’t want to be able to run faster, jump higher, be smarter, live longer? And, okay, so you’d have to take a little bad with the good, but if you could drink blood without killing anybody, would that be so bad?

I mean, really. It wouldn’t be, would it?

Which brings me to the danger. If you’re into human-vampire romance (like the first two books in the Bloodline Saga 😉), you know the thrill of love > thirst. It’s some page-turning catnip isn’t it?? Will he bite her? Will she like it if he does? (Spoiler: yes and YAS if we’re talking about Blood Bond 😏)

Actually, catnip brings me to my final point—the thesis statement of this post, if you will: Vampire romance is catnip. And there are a lot of different kinds of catnip all wrapped up into that one little toy mouse.

  • Danger
  • Super human abilities
  • Wealth (compounding interest bitches!)
  • Immortality
  • Beauty

What am I missing? Comment and let me know! 👇

P.S. Blood Bond (Bloodline Saga 1) comes out November 1st! Preorder it now so it will be delivered to your ereader like magic and you can read a perfect end-of-spooky season story while you eat all the leftover halloween candy (because then it’s called self-care 😘)

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