I’ve asked and answered this question before: Why are vampires so damned appealing? And as satisfied as I am with my answer (they have only strengths where humans have weaknesses, yet they also share humankind’s strong points—at least, the vampires I love and write do), I still find myself asking the question. Now, though, more than asking what is appealing in general, my curiosity is more focused on why they just keep coming back.

Vampire popularity is cyclical (she says, surprising no one.) In the 90s it was Lestat and Louis (and they’re back now in a new series! I still gotta watch it, so no spoilers!), along with Buffy + Angel. In the 2010s we all swooned over Edward + Bella and Elena + Damon (or Elena + Stephan if he was more your style—it’s okay to be wrong 😉). Most recently, we saw sapphic vampires in Netflix’s First Kill (which sadly didn’t get a second season—it really could have been good with a little help.) And I’m only scratching the surface!

Frankly, I’ve been here for all of it. Who reads every single Black Dagger Brotherhood universe book that JR Ward releases? This chick. But whether you’re a diehard fang banger (there’s another vampire series reference—name it for kudos!), or a fairweather friend of the fang, you gotta wonder: Why do they just keep coming back?

I have some theories but I’d love to hear yours too. So comment and give me your thoughts! On my next post, I’ll talk about my I think vampires come back into the popular spotlight again and again—and why I love them always.

P.S. Blood Bond releases in just 2 weeks (11/1!) and I have a goal to beat my previous preorder high score in October. If you haven’t preordered yet, you can find the ebook AND paperback at all major e-bookstores. Here’s a universal link that will take you to your fave: http://www.books2read.com/bloodlinesagabond

Know a die-hard fang fan like me? Sharing is caring! 😄 (And, seriously, I’d be super grateful if you’d help me spread the word. Marketing is hard work, friends. 😮‍💨)

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