Happy book birthday to Blood Bond (Bloodline Saga 1), which is now available in paperback and e-book at all major online bookstores! If you preordered the e-book, it should be waiting for you already! If you preordered the paperback and it hasn’t arrived yet, don’t fret, it should get to you within the next few days. And if you haven’t purchased your copy yet, now is the time! No waiting, all the reading.

P.S. After you finish reading Blood Bond, if you want to,there are a few tiny things you can do to help me out in a BIG way:

  1. Post on social media, gushing about the book. TikTok and Instagram drive the most discoverability, but your Facebook profile will help readers find Blood Bond too!
  2. Write a review! Goodreads, BookBub, Amazon (or wherever you bought the book!) Your review doesn’t have to be long—a couple of sentences make a HUGE impact for discoverability on those platforms.
  3. Tell a friend! Have someone in your life you love talking books with? If you loved Blood Bond, recommend it to your bookish peeps. They’ll appreciate the rec, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who make these release days possible (and if you’re reading this, I mean you!) I love my author life, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.



Find Blood Bond on…


Barnes + Noble


Apple Books

All other online bookstores



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