Well friends, on the day this blog will post, Blood Bond’s release will be just one month away, and I am beyond eager to introduce my vampires to you all! Blood Bond has taken many forms over the years (I even released part of it as a serial on Kindle Vella last year, but ultimately decided serialization wasn’t the right medium for this story.) I’ve lived with these characters for over half of my life (that’s really weird to think about!) so maybe that’s why it’s been so important to me that this story finds its audience. I haven’t quite decided yet how I’ll celebrate on release day—a Live chat on IG? Maybe a dance party? Who knows!—but I’ll make sure to let you all know as soon as I make that decision.



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Blood Bond Release Day

In the meantime, I’ve set a goal for myself:

Increase Blood Bond preorders by at least 10 during the month of October

It’s a little bit ambitious, but also doable (I hope.) I’ve been at this business a long time, but I’m still pretty undiscovered, so ten more preorders will make the total more than I’ve ever had by release day. Wish me luck!

Enough about goals, let’s talk about vampires!

Blood Bond is a second-chance vampire romance, with a cult escape twist.

When authorities breached the family compound, Matra saw the outside world for the first time and finally saw her family for what it truly was—a cult. With the “parents” gone, and with the government rounding up shifters, vampires, and sympathizers, Matra becomes the de facto leader of the young adults she grew up with. But as days bleed into weeks in hiding, Matra struggles to balance her responsibility to the group with her own priorities. Because Matra is pregnant, and the last man she so much as kissed? She hasn’t seen him for five years.

Christopher hasn’t been the same since he was forced to leave the woman he loved to the mercy of her deranged family five years ago—the woman he illegally shared his blood with, the woman he can’t stop thinking about. Their worlds diverged into Us and Them, and now he’s controlled by the new vampire law, but when he finds Matra again, he won’t let anything stop him from keeping her by his side.

Desperate for answers, Matra searches for the vampire she was forbidden to love, who she’s dreamed of every night for five years—and who she’s convinced against all logic is her child’s father. She needs help. She needs Christopher, and if they’re to survive and keep their unexplainable child safe, they must sacrifice their bond, embracing forbidden sides of themselves that will get them captured—if not killed. Because if anyone finds out the girl is impossibly Christopher’s daughter, it could spell disaster for humans and vampires alike.

Content Assurances:

  • Moderately intense depictions of physical and psychological abuse
  • A brief, low-detail description of nonconsensual, sexual touching
  • Descriptions of dark, enclosed spaces that the characters are not afraid of
  • Low drama depictions of food scarcity and rationing
  • Unexpected, hidden pregnancy
  • Suspicion of sexual abuse
  • Vomit/morning sickness
  • Graphic, consensual sexual encounter (🌶🌶🌶🌶/5)

Sound like something you’d dig? You can preorder Blood Bond (e-book or paperback!) at all major online bookstores.

Did you know that even just adding a book to your Amazon wishlist helps the author? It does! When Amazon sees people adding a book to their wishlist, they know there’s buzz growing for the book and they increase its exposure. So even if you aren’t ready to preorder, wish list it up! You’ll be doing me a huge favor either way. ♥️

Thank you for being you,


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