Friends, the Bloodline Saga covers are finished and while I can’t show you all of them yet, I can share the cover for Blood Bond (Bloodline Saga 1)!

I may say this every time I reveal a new cover, but this one might be my favorite ever 😅

You can preorder Blood Bond now at all the main e-bookstores. The paperback will be available on release day (November 1st) and I’ll post more about that as we get closer.

So what can you do to help spread the word about this deliciously angsty vampire + cult escape semi-dystopian romance, I hear you ask? The great news is that even tiny things, like writing a review or posting on social media make a HUGE difference. If you like doing things like that, I’d LOVE for you to join my ARC Team or my Street Team!

The ARC Team will receive my books about a month before the release date. Their job is to read the book, write an honest, constructive review, and share it within the first week after the book’s release on the major ebookstore websites and/or Goodreads/Bookbub, etc.

The Street Team is just like the ARC Team (they get my books for free, etc.) except that they’ll also get the chance to win monthly drawings by sharing about the books on social media, doing swag drops, or completing other simple activities to help spread the word about my stories. My new marketing assistant, Laura, will be running the group day-to-day, and I’ll be popping in for the drawings and hanging out with you all on a regular basis.

If any of that sounds fun or interesting to you, click the buttons below where you can learn more and sign-up.

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