Hi friends! How have you been? Are you squeezing every last ounce of summer vibes out of the end of the season, or have you already embraced fall? For me, this year, I’m embracing summer until September 21st. Our summer weather started even later than usual this year and I’m not ready to bid the season goodbye just yet. Still, I am looking forward to falling into autumn (see what I did there?) as soon as the season officially turns.

So, what’s new in the land of Elle? BLOOD BOND is coming, and getting ready for release day (11/1) has been taking most of my attention. The rest of my bandwidth as been spent writing the second in the series, Blood Born (more on that to come!) I like to keep you all up to date as we chug toward release, so here’s the latest:

Blood Bond is now available for preorder on Kobo!

You can also now add Blood Bond to your TBR on Goodreads and BookBub! (While you’re at it, are we friends on Goodreads and/or BookBub? If not, friend/follow me, and I’ll definitely follow/friend back!) Adding Blood Bond to your TBR on either site does us both a huge favor: My book gets in front of more eyes (thank you!) and you’ll get an alert on release day to remind you the book is available. Win-win!

Catch all the links to preorder or add Blood Bond to your TBR on the Blood Bond page here at ellebeauregard.com.

However you decide to spend the end of summer (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!) I hope the days are full of peace and love.



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