I am in Chicago at the moment, attending the Spring Fling Writers Conference! (I’ll be signing books at the Spring Fling Readers Event Saturday night (4/30, 3-5PM)—it’s free and open to the public, so if you’ll be anywhere close by, come visit me!) I’m super excited to be at a writers’ conference again (the first I’ve attended since 2019!) and deeply nervous nobody is going to come to my booth while I’m signing books 😅. Check out all the amazing authors who are going to be at the event too! I’m a little starstruck.

While I’m away, I thought I’d post a teaser of Melora Francois’ new book, Seduction: Divinity Prep Book One because I like you so much! This was the exclusive extra my newsletter subscribers got last week, and while I don’t normally do this, I thought it might be fun to share it on the blog too (just this once 😉) My newsletter subscribers get access to an exclusive, subscribers-only steamy scene each and every month. Sometimes they are sneak peeks at my current work-in-progress, other times the scene is straight from the cutting room floor from one of my already-released books. And sometimes, the exclusive steamy scene is a sneak peek at a scene from another author’s new release, and usually, it’s a sneak peek nobody else has seen yet. What can I say, I like to treat my subscribers like the VIPs they are. 😘 If that sounds like something you want in on, click below to subscribe so you can get in on next month’s scene (which, I happen to know, you do not want to miss.)

As for this month’s scene, you might know Melora Francois from the two books she’s released with co-author Cate Corvin (if not, go check them out, they’re great!) Well, Seduction: Divinity Prep Book One is Melora’s solo debut and it is 🔥🔥🔥! If you like Reverse Harem and/or Academy Romance, click here to go get your e-copy, because this is going to be your catnip.

I’ve talked enough. Here’s your steamy AF scene!

“Dammit, Thea, you don’t know what you’re doing. I told you, even when I was young and my ability was still bound, people couldn’t control their attraction to me. I know you want to think you’re different, but you’re not.”

“I know my own mind, Corndog. If I say I’m attracted to you, it’s because I think that, not because you’re somehow forcing my opinion.” I locked eyes with him and took a small step closer. “It’s your real self that’s the most attractive. The way you care enough about people to try to save them from your powers. Do you know how many guys would take advantage of an aptitude like yours?

“And then there’s the way you can be so sweet. Like how you took care of me after… the Varon incident. You try to act so hard and unaffected, but that’s just not the real you.”

“You think you know me? After, what, a cumulative total of one full week spent in my presence?”

“Of course not. I don’t presume that at all. But what I do know is that everything I know about you makes me want to know more.”

“I wish I could trust that, Red. But there’s nothing worse than someone wanting you for the wrong reasons.”

Another small step forward. “How can I prove to you that I have the right reasons?”

“You can’t.” Two words. Two words that were such a ragged whisper, they hurt me almost as much as they did him. 

“Let me try.” I closed the distance until there were mere inches between us. “How else will you ever know?”

“I won’t.”

“So you’d choose to be alone for the rest of your life over taking a chance on m—someone?” I almost said “me,” as crazy as it sounded. The vibrant, inexplicable connection I felt to Darrio had only strengthened the more time we spent together, and to be honest, I did want him to take a chance on me. But I could see that if I admitted that, he’d cry “power” and return to his old standby of ignoring me and everyone else around him. 

No answer from him, only a shrug so resigned, it made my heart hurt.

“I don’t want that for you. I know it’s not my life, not my choice, but you deserve so much more. You have so much to offer, if you would just open up and let people see the ‘you’ beneath all the sex appeal. That’s the man I want—”

His mouth descended on mine like a man possessed. I gasped at the sudden move, and he took advantage, slipping his tongue between my lips. Large palms slid into my hair and held my head at just the right angle for him to devour me.

In a flash, I was pressed up against the wall and his hands were slipping beneath my shirt. I flung my arms around his neck, reveling in the feel of his warm hands. One pressed the small of my back, pushing me tighter against his hard body. The other moved up my side until he was cupping my breast. He dragged one thumb over my nipple, and I instinctively bit down on his lip.


“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean—”

“More,” he growled, diving back in.

That, I could do. I curled my fingers at the nape of his neck until my nails dug into the sensitive skin there. He groaned into my mouth, grinding his pelvis against me. His cock was thick and ready, and my arousal grew to a fever pitch.

The hand on my chest abandoned its post, and I immediately missed the heat of it. A jiggle sounded, and the wall behind me fell away. Darrio pushed me inside the now open room, never losing his grip on me as he walked me back until my ass hit the desk in the front. It dimly registered that we were in a dusty classroom and the door was still open, but when he gripped the back of my thighs and lifted me, none of that mattered.

He held me at the perfect level for the hard ridge of his cock to grind against my pussy, and I could have wept at how good it felt. How the hell had we gotten here? This had been one of my worst days in a long time, and yet euphoria threatened to overwhelm me completely. That seemed to be the pattern here at Divinity. The worse my day began, the better it ended.

“You’re so… fuck, Red. You’re everything.” He groaned the last word as he thrust up against me, and my head fell back in rapture. No one had ever said anything like that to me, and it touched me somewhere inside, just as surely as his cock touched my clit.

Speaking of which.

The friction wasn’t nearly enough, so I reached a hand between us and tried to work it beneath my waistband. My ass hit the desk as Darrio deposited me on the dusty surface and grasped my wrist. 

“Don’t. That’s for me.”

Fuck yeah, it was. 

“Then you should probably take care of it, huh?” My voice was a sexy rasp I didn’t recognize, but I liked it. I wasn’t usually the talkative one during sex, but if it made me feel like this, it would seem I’d been missing out.

“Gladly.” He held my stare while he flicked open the button of my jeans and dragged my zipper down so slowly I almost batted his hand aside to do it myself. When it finally reached the bottom, he fingered the lacy front of my panties. It was as titillating as it was frustrating.

“Darrio, please.” I wasn’t above a little begging. After all the pain of earlier, my body cried out for a dose of pleasure. Even if Darrio hadn’t been a sex god, there was no doubt in my mind he could deliver. 

“Patience, Red. This is all I’ve been thinking about for weeks, I don’t want to rush it.”

Heat bloomed on my face and in my chest. “Me, too.” It was a whisper, but the import made it a roar in the abandoned wing. It was true. The more time I’d spent with Darrio, whether we were working, talking, or simply in each other’s company, the more I’d felt the connection that thrummed between us grow stronger. 

A pang of unease shot through me at the admission, though. He wasn’t the only one on my mind. I thought about Sam just as often, and both of them starred in my dreams. As did two others who had no business being there. Varon and Shadow were always alongside Sam and Darrio, while they all worked together to take me to new heights of ecstasy I couldn’t have fathomed before.

Maybe it was another perk of being a god. It would be the first thing that made this new life even slightly worth it. 

Still, it niggled at my subconscious. My ancestors may have been very open-minded sexually, but I’d been raised in a time when relationships were “supposed to be” one man, one woman. 

Was I wrong for letting my attraction to two men grow without choosing between them? True, things weren’t at that stage with either yet, but I could have shut down the flirtation with one to pursue the other. I didn’t even know how I’d manage that. The desire and connection I felt with each of them was too evenly matched.

“Hey, come back to me.” Darrio pressed an achingly sweet kiss against my lips, his so soft against mine. I wanted to lose myself in the kiss, but he didn’t give me the chance. He abandoned my mouth in favor of my cheek, my jaw, my neck. A shiver shot through me when he got to the tendon where my shoulder met my neck.

Teeth clamped down, and I squealed in surprise. It hurt, but it also shot a zing of pleasure straight to my clit. Suction followed the bite, his tongue laving the tender flesh. 

“I want you.” I whispered the words into his hair as he took his time working down the length of my shoulder. “Don’t make me wait, please.”

“You have to. There’s too much I want to do to your body first.” There was so much promise in that statement, my knees would have given out if I’d been standing. 

I wanted those things, but if I didn’t get relief soon, I was going to put River’s ability to shame with my spontaneous combustion. He must have been able to tell that I was close to losing my shit because in seconds, my shirt and bra were gone and he had a hand down the front of my pants. 

Those luscious lips clamped over my nipple and sucked hard enough to sting. The moan I let out was almost embarrassing, but luckily I was too lost in the cloud of pleasure to feel any compunction about voicing my satisfaction. 

My next moan was even louder as his fingers slipped over the lips of my pussy, already drenched and ready for him.

“Mmm, you feel like you could use a little assistance down here, Red.”


Darrio smiled at my breathy response, pressing a finger firmly against my clit and making small circles. The pressure was just right, and before long, I was panting. 

“Lift.” I did as commanded and leaned back on my hands so I could lift  my ass enough for him to yank my jeans and panties down my legs. It was surprisingly hot to be completely bared before him while he was still dressed. I should have been the vulnerable one, but one look at his ravenous expression assured me that I held just as much power here as he did.

Something drew my attention to the door, and I froze, my gaze glued to it. Was someone out there? No, I had to be imagining it. Nobody was ever in this wing of the school. It had to be my own nerves creating specters where there were none. 

Even though the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I couldn’t bring myself to pull my focus from Darrio. He was so beautiful, eyes dark with passion. 

I reached forward for his belt, but he brushed my hand aside. I thought he was going to remove it himself, but instead he pulled my ass right to the edge of the desk and dropped to a knee.

Holy shit, was he about to—

His tongue speared my core in one swift motion, and I rose a little higher toward that elusive peak.

“Oh my god!” My clit was between his lips, and he sucked it just as firmly as he had my nipple. I bucked my hips up against his mouth for more. 

I’d heard the term “eating out” often enough, but it always seemed like hyperbole. There were a few licks here and there, some sucking and prodding, and then it was time for the main event, right?

Oh, I got it now. The term made perfect sense. It was, perhaps, even a bit of an understatement. Darrio feasted on me. He did everything but take an actual bite out of me, though the nips he took were right on the edge. 

He worked me over so thoroughly, my throat was sore from the array of noises he’d drawn from me. 

“Shit, shit, shit, please!” 

When he thrust two fingers inside me and curled them as he sucked hard on my clit, I broke. I shattered in a way that made me certain I would never be the same once I’d pulled all the pieces back together again. 

Darrio wasn’t ready to stop just because I’d come. He kept on until I pushed him away.

“Can’t.” I struggled to catch my breath. “Too sensitive.”

“You can.” He growled the word against my thigh as he placed sucking kisses on the delicate skin there. “I want more.”

“I want you.” My counter offer drew his attention to my face.

“Do you now?”

“Yes!” My fervency unsettled me. I didn’t just want him, I needed him. Now. I’d give anything for him to be inside me. I was wet and ready, all he had to do was thrust home. “Please, baby.” I sounded like a junkie in need of a hit, but I didn’t care. Once he was inside me, I’d feel so fucking good. 

I reached for him, but he backed away, eyes wary.

“Are you okay, Red?”

“I need you inside me.” My voice was a sultry purr that belied the frantic thrum of desperation that had taken up residence in every cell of my body.

“Answer me, Thea. Are you alright?” 

Was I? Hell if I knew. I just knew I felt empty inside, so desperate for him to fill me in every way possible.

“Dammit. I knew it. I fucking knew this would happen.”

“What? What are you talking about?” I didn’t know what he was carrying on about, but I did know that he was backing away, taking that perfect cock I knew he was hiding inside his jeans with him. 

“I have to go. I’m so sorry, Red. I didn’t mean for this—fuck, I’m sorry.” His words weren’t making sense, but I never got the chance to ask for clarification. He turned and strode from the room, slamming the door behind him. 

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