I have three things to tell you, and one tiny request this week, friends.

First, the stuff I gotta tell you about!

  1. The Cloak’s Shadow is on sale! If you haven’t yet read the first book of The Cloaked Series, now is the time! (Got a friend who might love it? Tell them about it! More on that, below.)
  2. I’m super stoked to tell you that The Cloak’s Shadow is part of a big Witchy Romance promo this month! It’s seriously cool to see my book alongside so many truly excellent stories–even some best sellers! I am honored to have been included. Please go check it out! (Clicking the link helps me out, and might just help you find your next fave witchy read!) Just check out that beautiful promo banner! πŸ‘‡πŸ€©

3. My website got a facelift! What do you think?? Things are a bit reorganized (hopefully for the better) and the Subscribers Only section has been expanded a bit (with more to come!) for all of you who subscribe to my newsletter! Now, instead of access to just the current month’s exclusive scene, you’ll be able to access the current month’s AND the last month’s scenes. I also gave you all the links to the subscriber-exclusive novellas and short stories for both The Cloaked Series and The Shift Series. I have more in the works, so stay tuned. (And if you want to become a subscriber, click here! I’d love for you to join us in my favorite corner of the internet!)

Finally, the teeny, tiny favor I have to ask:

Could you help me out by either leaving a review, or spreading the word about The Cloak’s Shadow being on sale (and awesome)? It’s a quick, free way to help me a TON (not to mention make my day!) Here’s some links, images, and even a link to my recent tweet announcing the sale (for an easy RT!)

Really, it means the world. β™₯

The Cloak’s Shadow on Amazon

The Cloak’s Shadow on Goodreads

The Cloak’s Shadow on Bookbub

A tweet you can totally retweet in no time flat!

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