Is it completely blowing your mind that Q1 is already over?

It feel like 2022 is going by so fast already! Regardless, this has been a big, exciting quarter for me. How about you?

I set three author life goals for the quarter:

  1. Create renewed buzz for The Cloaked Series
  2. Refocus my online presence by refreshing my newsletter and planning a website redesign
  3. Write the first two acts of my latest project, True You

And, friends,

I accomplished them all!

The Cloaked Series got beautiful new covers, and The Cloak’s Shadow had a very successful giveaway on Goodreads!

My newsletter subscriber list has never been more engaged, and my newsletters are more personal (and slightly more frequent!) And, if you haven’t noticed, my website is mid-redesign at this very moment!

My current WIP, True You, is not just written through Act 2–I started Act 3 this week!

In my regular, non-author life, I’ve been resting more, scrolling less, and doing something fun every day. (My word of the year was Fun, because I wanted to have more of it, so I’m especially proud of that last one 😉)

So, what’s to come in Q2? Let’s see!

Q2 Goals

  1. Continue to build buzz for The Cloaked Series
  2. Finish writing True You and send the first draft to my beta readers
  3. Complete my website redesign
  4. Begin to prep Blood Bond for wide release (WHAT?!)

Yep! In Q3/Q4, I’ll be releasing my dark, romantic, vampire paranormal fantasy, Blood Bond across all major ebookstores. Stay tuned for more on that as we get closer to release!

So what about you? How was your Q1, and what are you planning for Q2? I’d love to cheer you on, so comment and tell me all about it.

2 thoughts on “Life + Project Updates

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