I’ve been thinking a lot about magically connected mates in romance lately, in part because Leah and Drake share a “magical” connection in The Shift Series, but also just because it’s a lot of fun to read (and maybe even more fun to write!)

But why? Why is it so satisfying to read about two (or more, I’m looking at you Sense8!) sharing a magical/destined connection?

My take: it all comes down to security.

Thank about it. As a regular old human who isn’t magical, the scariest thing about committing to another person is the unknown.

Am I making the right decision?

What if my circumstances or feelings change? What if theirs do?

What if I’m limiting my options–not just in other mates, but in life/career–by choosing this person/these people.

Yeah, it’s a big decision! So now, imaging if there was a way you could KNOW, without a doubt, that this partner/these partners were meant for you–destined for you, even! TA-DAH! Fated Mates.

There are tons of ways to approach the idea of a magically destined pair:

In The Twilight Saga, Edward is more attracted to Bella’s blood than to any other human’s, which is what sparks a both-way connection.

In The Vampire Diaries (TV), Damon and Stephen are first attracted to Elena because she looks identical to Kathryn–an ulimately evil woman from their past that they’re both inexplicably obsessed with.

In The Shift Series, Leah and Drake share a rare, incredibly powerful shifter connection that forges a bond between them the first time they touch–and which grows as they become closer.

Do you like stories where the romantic partners are destined/fated to be together? If so, what is your favorite fated mates story? If not, tell me why! (Really, I want to know.)

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