Last time I re-released The Shift Series (all the way back in 2018), I received a lot of questions about the books, and about why I would re-release them. So this time, I thought I’d answer the top 3 to save you from having to ask πŸ˜‰

  1. Why re-release a series/Why re-release this series? The short answer: because I can lol! Really, though, one of the best parts of being an indie author is that I can take my books down, adjust them, and put them up again. In 2018, when I put The Shift Series on hiatus, I made a lot of adjustments to the story, especially how I handled some themes in DRIFT. This time around, I put the series into hiatus so could re-release them across all major bookstores (a.k.a. “wide”) with new blurbs and new covers.
  2. Why human shifters? I’ll do an entire post on this later this month, but the simple answer is that I always wanted to read a story with human shifters. When I couldn’t find one, I wrote one!
  3. Is The Shift Series a YA contemporary fantasy? No. While the main character, Leah, is seventeen years old, the story, relationships, and themes read more like a New Adult novel. And, in fact, the final book in the series is considered firmly New Adult. So, when asked this question, I generally say if you are an adult who loved The Twilight Saga, but were disappointed with how the love scene between Edward and Bella was handled in Breaking Dawn (anti-climactic much?), The Shift Series is for you. πŸ˜‰

For more detailed explanations, hit up my video on IGTV where I answered these questions with more animated enthusiasm. And for answers to all kinds of other questions, you can check out my other posts about The Shift Series, below.

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Next week, we’re diving into magical connections/fated mates–not just in The Shift Series, but in other books too. What is your fave book that features a fated couple?

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