Well, here it goes, friends! I’m embarking on Nanowrimo this year.

What is Nanowrimo, I hear you ask? Well, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. Writers all over the country (nigh, the world!) commit to writing a 50K word novel in 30 days. Sound crazy?

That’s because it is! 😜

I’m going to be working on the third book in The Cloaked Series–and I think you all are going to love it. My newsletter subscribers will get to know the title first, so if you’re dying to know and you aren’t already a subscriber, make sure you sign up. I’ll let the rest of you know later this month.

I’ve attempted Nanowrimo one other time, when my youngest kiddo was waaay too young for me to be doing anything like this. I wrote a lot of words, but I didn’t hit 50K. But this year will be different! I can feel it! (Mostly because my youngest is a five-year-old lol!)

So wish me luck! This is sure to be a wild ride!

Want to follow along and keep up with my Nano wins and woes? Follow me on Instagram for the most frequent updates. I’d love to have you cheering me on!

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