Hi friends!

A few days back, over on Instagram, author-friend Lin Lustig and I did a stream where we interviewed each other LIVE!

Actual footage of the interview. 😉

Hijinks ensued because it always does when we’re together. We talked author life, life-life, writing/editing, and NEW RELEASES!

We talked about Lin’s upcoming DEBUT release, Gilded Lies, that comes out 9/1 (preorder Gilded Lies now!) So excited for her!

Then we talked about The Cloak’s Shadow and how Lin loves that the main character, Zander, has a serious love for coffee. 😀

In between all of that, we talked about why the characters in our books aren’t all white or all straight, juggling life and writing, bourbon, and gin. 😉

Doing an IG Live is both exhausting and exhilarating. If you all like this kind of thing, I’ll do it more often! So go give it a watch and give us some love by leaving a comment to let us know what you think!

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