Friends, how are we already in August? It feels like I blinked and BAM! July was over. The summer has been truly lovely here in the Pacific Northwest. Long, warm days, but so far we’ve only had a couple of days I would categorize as a little too warm. The kiddos are spending lots of time barefoot in our backyard. My youngest recently found the dirt pile near our vegetable garden and has been doing a lot of digging and making “nature stew” (mud soup) and I couldn’t be happier watching her soak up those summer experiences. The slower pace of not going anywhere has it’s benefits for sure. That said, I’m still cherishing my weekly solo Target run lol!

How was your July? Are you starting to feel the first threads of excitement for fall? Or are you dreading it? (I’m in both camps this year, tbh.)

Well, reasonable or not, it’s the first week of August and that means it’s time for another edition of the Book Report.

Announcements + Stuff To Know:

  1. The Cloak’s Shadow preorder is now available at all major ebookstores (and some more obscure ones!) Click here to take a look and preorder it at your fave.
  2. You can get a SNEAK PEEK of The Cloak’s Shadow by signing up for my newsletter. The sneak peek is quick and easy and suuuuper juicy. 😉
  3. The Cloak’s Shadow is up on Goodreads. If you’re on Goodreads too, make sure you add TCS to your to-read list.
  4. I launched an IGTV channel in July and it’s been a BLAST so far! Go check it out for videos on everything from Kanban boards to a tipsy live chat between me and fellow author Lin Lustig.
  5. The entire Shift Series will be free on Amazon later this month. Stay tuned for dates and more details as soon as I have them.

Goal Check-in:

Goal 1: Hit 50-100 preorders for The Cloak’s Shadow by September 30th. I am significantly off pace for this goal. But I’m doing everything I can think of to get back on the horse and I have faith I can make it happen!

Goal 2: Complete Chapters 4-9 of my super secret project, code named ICA. Some changes to the schedule that were completely outside of my control have necessitated an adjustment to this goal (my editor likely won’t be ready for chapters 7-9 until after Q3) so I’m now aiming to have Chapters 4-6 submitted and approved by the end of the quarter on September 30th.

Goal 3: Increase my newsletter subscriber list by at least 50% by 9/30. This goal is on track so far (but barely.) Make sure to grab your sneak peek of The Cloak’s Shadow when you subscribe! (If you’re already a subscriber, don’t sweat it: this is the same sneak peek you received in your July newsletter.)

So there you have it! August starts the downward slide into fall, and that means The Cloak’s Shadow is just around the corner (and I couldn’t be more excited!) We’re almost there!



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The Cloak’s Shadow Release

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