Image description: Taken from within a car. Highway stretching into the distance toward a jagged horizon. The sun is setting and the sky is full of color: orange, yellow, blue, teal, and red. Clouds streak across the sky in darker contrast to the brightness around them.

“They” said my dream of being an author was “unrealistic” and “pie-in-the-sky.” (What does that really mean, anyway?) But, you know what, I’m on the verge of releasing my 6th book, The Cloak’s Shadow (the reception is going so great, by the way. Thanks to all of you who have preordered!), and I’m doing this thing for real. It’s HARD work, but it’s MY hard work and nothing could feel better.

I firmly believe everybody has a story like this. So, what about you? What are you doing (or have done) that everybody told you was a pipe dream?

P.S. Isn’t this sunset incredible? Believe it or not, it’s #nofilter. I took this driving to Tubac, AZ, the setting of my Shift Series. It seems like an appropriate picture to pair with these thoughts. (To see more pictures of Tubac, taken by yours truly on my trip years ago, check out the Shift Series Photo Gallery!)

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