Image description: A white-appearing couple embrace passionately, standing on a beach. The woman’s back is bare and facing the camera; the man’s arms are wrapped around her with his hand resting on the back of her head.

Did you know I send a newsletter with an exclusive steamy scene just for subscribers every month? Well, now you do. (And you know you want that escape right about now.)

Plus you get other cool stuff. I write about my projects, productivity tips and hacks, planners, pretty stuff, and sexy people. No spam ever. It’s also the BEST way for us to keep in touch. Seriously, I’m not one of those authors who won’t respond if you email me back. On the contrary, I LOVE it when subscribers respond!

The next newsletter goes out soon. When you subscribe you get a special exclusive steamy scene as part of the (super short) welcome email series. So you could get TWO sexy time scenes this month if you subscribe before 7/20. Whew! You’re gonna need a glass of water or something… 😉 Plus, you’ll be helping me reach my Q3 goal of growing my email subscriber list by 50%! It’s a rare triple-win!

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Image credit: Dainis Graveris on Unsplash (beautiful, right?)

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