Image description: Two young, white women look into the camera, smiling. (The spookier of the two is on the right 😉)

My sisters are spooky AF. 👻 Especially the one on the right.
Let me explain.
My family has had supernatural experiences for as long as I can remember (everyone except me, but that’s a story for another time.) When my mom and sisters moved to a new apartment while I was in college, they were three women living with a black cat. A magical cliche? Maybe. But holy hell did the spirit activity increase like WOW!
Now when the older of my two younger sisters (she’s the one on the right) moved out after a couple of years, the spookiness eased up a bit for my mom and youngest sister–but not for the one who moved!! That spooky shit followed her to her new place. And the place after that.
It sounds bananas, but friends, this is for real.

I’m a writer and always have been. How could I NOT write a book based on some of this stuff, right?! And so, The Cloak’s Shadow was born. 👇

When Zander moved across the country, she expected a few late-night calls from her younger sisters looking for advice. She never expected one of them to call to tell her the other is being stalked by a demon. And she definitely never expected the guy she just slept with to know how to save them both.

The Cloak’s Shadow releases 10/6, but you can preorder it now!

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