Welcome to the last half of 2020, friends! Are you as glad we’re past the mid-point of this crazy year as I am? This month’s update is more than just a monthly update, it’s a QUARTERLY update!

June Review/News

  1. The Cloak’s Shadow cover was revealed and the preorder is LIVE! And the reception has been incredible. Thank you all for helping me spread the word. Keep it up! (More on that below!)
  2. All of you who contributed to my Kickstarter should have received your pledge gifts up through the Shift Series ebooks. If you contributed but have NOT received your pledge gifts, please reach out to me and let me know!
  3. My July newsletter is scheduled to hit inboxes 7/24. Make sure you sign up because this month’s exclusive steamy scene is a really juicy sneak peak of The Cloak’s Shadow!

My Q3 Goals

I’m embarking on a whole new way to manage my business this quarter! I’m going to be talking about it on IGTV and on my Instagram Stories. I’ll post videos about my goal progress and things too. So if you’re on Insta, keep an eye out!

  1. Hit at least 100 preorders for The Cloak’s Shadow by September 30th. That sounds like a small goal, but it’s HUGE in terms of impact. So help me spread the word, friends. I’ll take all the help I can get!
  2. Complete chapters 4 through 9 of my super-secret project, code named “ICA” (More about that when I’m allowed to tell!)
  3. Increase my newsletter subscriber list by at least 50% by September 30th. I’m focusing on building my newsletter subscriber list, friends. Email the only way I can communicate with you all directly. Nobody owns the emails I send but me (and you, once they’re in your inbox!) They aren’t beholden to the Facebook or Instagram algorithms, or the Twitter timeline. And ultimately, that’s my purpose: to connect with you all! An increase of 50% is not a huge number. It’s very doable–especially with your help! If you haven’t signed up, click here! 😉

Well, there you have it friends! How about you? What do you have planned for Q3? Are you staying the course you set back at the beginning of the year, or did you feel the need to shake everything up, like I did?

Until next month!

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