I’ve been waiting for this day for MONTHS, friends! Today marks the official start of The Cloak’s Shadow!

So let’s jump right in, shall we?

The Cover!

AHHH! I ended up loving the stand-in for the TCS Kickstarter so much that I only had to give it some minor tweaking to be ready to become the REAL cover–but even those small changes made such an impact! I love it!

The Pre-Order

The pre-order for The Cloak’s Shadow is live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The list will continue to grow as it goes live at other retailers. The link below is a universal link which will take you to The Cloak’s Shadow on any of the e-bookstores where it’s live.

The Cloak’s Shadow pre-order

The Cloak’s Shadow releases in e-book and paperback on October 6th.

Pre-order price is $2.99. On launch day, the price will increase to $3.99, so if you’re even a little inclined, snatch up that pre-order pricing while you can!

The Blurb

While I’m giving you the deets, here’s the back cover blurb!

When logical, ambitious Zander left Seattle for her dream job in muggy New Orleans, she left with a fresh new master’s degree in-hand, and memories of her parents’ violent divorce behind her. Meeting a hot AF web designer in a vintage band tee was definitely not part of her new-Zander plans, but the way he makes her feel has her bending her own rules despite her fear of romance.

All Callum’s ever wanted was a reprieve from the ghosts who talk to him day in and day out. When he meets Zander, it’s instant attraction. And when he realizes she’s a Cloak who blocks out the racket of the spirit world—including the evil force called the Shadow that’s been stalking him–he knows he just has to figure out how to be with her without telling her his secret. Because sure as shit, if cynical Zander finds out he’s a medium, she’ll leave not only his bed–she’ll leave him high-and-dry with a demon.

But when Callum’s new-found peace-and-quiet with Zander sends the Shadow to find a new victim, Callum is forced to risk it all to tell Zander the truth: The Shadow wants unhindered access to the living world and he’ll go through Zander’s younger sister to get it–unless the two of them can work together to destroy it. But can Zander put aside logic long enough to hear everything Callum is trying to tell her, let alone believe it?

I’m so excited to share Zander, Callum, Cecily, Scott, and Wren with you all! It’s been a LONG time since I released a new series, and, honestly, I think the wait will be worth it. (I have my fingers crossed so hard in the hopes you all agree!)

Stay tuned for updates! And sign up for my newsletter if you want the insider scoop before anybody else. I share my juiciest details there first. 😉

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