What Am I Working On?

In short: not my blog LOL! Nah, just kidding. I did put aside weekly blog posts some months back, but that was a strategic decision. Sometimes I need to shake-up how I work to keep myself productive, and reducing my blog post frequency was part of that most recent shake-up. But that doesn't mean I'm … Continue reading What Am I Working On?

Another birthday for Cecelia

Today is Cecelia Brayton's birthday!   To celebrate Cecelia's awesomeness, here is a short list of Cecelia-related stuff: Your Questions Answered, Part 2 - Where I answer questions about the linking phenomenon, and Tubac AZ. Cecelia + Felix: Wherein I write about Cecelia's complex history Cecelia's Death:  A past Cici birthday post where I explained what it was … Continue reading Another birthday for Cecelia