I wasn’t planning on doing this until next year, but when the stars aligned and showed me the path to release my new Vampire/Cult Urban Fantasy Romance now, I trusted my gut and went with it. Here’s hoping you’ll like it (and help me spread the word? Details below.)


In a near-future where the discovery of vampires and shifters has changed the fabric of American society, a young woman named Matra is forced to confront the realities of her upbringing within a cult while she searches for the vampire she was forbidden to love—and who she’s convinced is the inexplicable father of the baby she’s carrying in secret.

Blood Bond is a little dark, a lot angsty, and it’s by me so you know it includes a healthy dose of steam and patriarchy smashing. This story has been on my mind for YEARS, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it out in the world. If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you might recognize Blood Bond as vaguely reminiscent of an e-book I released (and took off sale) years and years ago. Blood Bond is a total re-plot + re-write of that old story (originally titled Harbinger) and I’m genuinely proud of how it turned out. This is the story it was always meant to be.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of The Shift Series, you definitely won’t want to miss Blood Bond. The two series take place in the same world and Shift Series fans might just recognize a character or two. 😘

Let’s Help Each Other!

For you: You can get a bunch of tokens (about 5ish episodes worth) just for jumping into the Kindle Vella party on day one. You can use the tokens on whatever episodes and stories you like. (Click the button above. Token collection is in the upper right corner of the page.)

For me: Check out Blood Bond (also at the button above.) Read through the chapters as you like, and give the story a fave + the episodes a like (which is an option at the end of each episode). It would mean SO MUCH to me! 

I’m dying to see what you all think, so comment here, or shoot me an email/DM with your rants + raves. 💗

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