I’m helpless against a good vamp story, and ya know what? I feel ZERO shame about it. There is something deeply alluring about the idea of being more-or-less indestructible, beautiful, deadly, and (most likely) rich.  Also, how incredible would it be to have seen so much history, and to know there’s more to come! I’d read SO MANY BOOKS. I’d travel EVERYWHERE! I’d have infinite graduate degrees!

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve seen vamps in the spotlight, but with the release of First Kill on Netflix (are you watching it? 🔥), I’m seeing more and more vampire appreciation in my social media feeds. This bodes well for me for two reasons: 

The cover of SHIFT (Shift Series 1) laying on a bed of rosemary and blue flowers.

1) As I mentioned above, I’m here for almost any smart, multifaceted vampire story–books, movies, series, you name it.  (Speaking of vampires, I’m about to finish reading A Discovery of Witches and !!!! Loving it! Any other DOW fans out there? I gotta gush about Matthew de Clairmont with somebody!) 

2) I’m releasing the first book in a new vampire series this fall! I’d planned it way before I started seeing all this renewed appreciation for our immortal friends, and I’m taking this as a good sign!  Plus the Shift Series features vamps already so, like, I’m all queued up and ready for this next vampire popularity surge! 

So what about you? Are you a fan of vampire fiction? If you knew you were going to live for basically ever, what would you do?

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