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What am I working on?

Hello, faithful readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on my various projects, so here it is!

After two straight weeks of chapter-by-chapter posts, Waiting | A Shift Series Novella (aka Shift Series 3.5) now lives on its own set of pages under the DRIFT tab here on the website.  Waiting has a special place in my heart–I hope it earned a special place in yours as well.

My latest novel-length project, Cloaked 2, is complete, and currently being reviewed by my primary beta readers.  (If you think you’re up to the task of Beta Reading a couple of novels for me, I’d welcome the feedback!  Shoot me a message on Twitter or Facebook!)  Now I just need to figure out what I’m actually going to call the thing!

Finally, I recently solidified my book-plans for the remainder of 2017 and 2018:

For the rest of 2017, I will be working on and finishing Cloaked 2.5 and Cloaked 3.  In 2018, I have grand plans for The Mythologicals Saga, including a re-write of Harbinger, and overhaul of Augury. All of that to get the series ready for the release of the third book, Corollary (finally!) in early 2019.  Also in 2018, I’d like to do an editing pass on the Shift Series books and re-release them with new covers.

So that’s the real rundown of what I’ve been up to.  The mid-year plan review was incredibly helpful. I’m feeling motivated and focused, ready to close out the year and keep up the momentum in 2018. The Mythologicals Saga re-work is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so carving out the time to really do it feels pretty great.

Do any of you like to reflect and re-plan midway through the year?  What are some tools you use to plan your work/projects throughout the year, be they for home, career, hobbies, etc?



Want to see Cecelia’s House?

Well, that’s easier said than done, but you CAN see a floorplan of it if you’d like.  I drew it myself, and added it under the SHIFT tab.  🙂 Or you can follow the link below:

Floor Plan of Aunt Cecelia’s House

In other news, I am making steady progress on Augury (Mythologicals Saga | Two)  It should be ready for it’s first round of reviews in late July/early August! 

And, finally, Harbinger (Mythologicals Saga | One) is part of the Smashwords Summer/Winter promotion this month!  You can snatch up your own e-copy of the book for 50% off (that makes it only $1.50!)  Just follow the link above and enter the coupon code listed on the page at check-out. 

Happy Reading!

New Updates to the Harbinger Tab!

I just made a new page under the Harbinger tab including a map of the transit tunnels where Matra and her band of friends hide.  I hope it help gives some reference while reading Harbinger; I also thought you all might like to see how, even though Harbinger is set in the future, the locations and settings are based on real geography and city infrastructure.  Oh yeah, and I also managed to sort of predict the future again… 😉

Anyway, check it out, and happy reading!


P.S. I’ve also made a quick update to the Upcoming Releases tab, regarding the impending release of DRIFT (Shift Series #3)!  Enjoy!