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Callum needs a break from the spirits hounding him for closure. When he meets Zander it’s instant attraction—and instant silence. She doesn’t know she’s a Cloak, blocking out the racket of the spirit world, including the malevolent Shadow that’s been stalking him, and he sees no reason to tell her. At least until he can figure out if they’re a fling or something more.

Zander wants two things: to kick ass at the new job she moved halfway across the country for, and for her family to stop trying to convince her of spooky happenings back home—they can’t honestly expect her to believe ghosts are real. Oh, and a date with the hot guy she met last Friday would be pretty sweet, too.

When Callum’s new-found peace-and-quiet around Zander leads the Shadow to a new target–Zander’s younger sister–Callum must risk his budding relationship with Zander, and the freedom her presence in his life provides, to tell her the truth: he’s a Medium, and she’s a Cloak who can close the spiritual veil. All he can do is hope the traits he’s quickly fallen in love with–her drive and no-B.S. attitude–won’t keep her from seeing she’s the only one who can stop the Shadow from possessing its living victims… like her sister… 

And like him.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I LOVED this book!”

So fresh and exciting, steamyAF and spooky! Elle does a great job setting up the scenes and executing all of the feels! I’m ready for the next in the series!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Steamy and Original”

The Cloak’s Shadow is a sexy, spellbinding romance with plenty of magic and tension all set in a fascinating world. The author excels at drawing the reader in to the world she has created, weaving a tale of love in the midst of darkness…

Kat Turner
Author of Hex, Love and Rock & Roll

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Elle Beauregard writes het. and sapphic romance where magic is real, women win, and everybody deserves a happily ever after—even if they’re not completely human.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with “the hubby” and “the kiddos” where she spends her slivers of non-author, non-mom free time drinking coffee, thrift shopping, and planning for world domination (one story at a time.)

Connect with Elle online for random musings about life, tarot, her projects, and the occasional vampire or shifter.

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According to the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, Christmas used to include ghost stories—so let’s bring ’em back!
You won’t find scary spooks in this Christmas tale—just the spirit of Cecily’s dead boyfriend, who happens to still be her friend. It’s complicated. It only gets more complicated when she meets Scott on Christmas Eve—and falls hard by Christmas morning.

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