Lin and I have been feverishly working behind the scenes, and we’re finally ready to reveal the big news! The ENTIRE Dispelled Lineage Series is now available at all* major ebookstores as one big, bingeable boxset! And, to celebrate, it’s on sale for just $5.99! The price will go up in a bit, so snatch it up while you can!

(*We’ve pushed “publish” for all the major ebookstores, but sometimes it takes a minute to replicate across the interwebs. So if you don’t see it at your favorite store, check back in a day or two. And if you still don’t see it, be a doll and shoot me an email so I can look into why 😅 TIA!)

Everybody knows the height of summer is the perfect time to binge a super steamy, sexy series (or the dead of winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere 😘) and now you don’t have to be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber to do just that! I’ll be updating the Bookstore portion of the website soon, but in the meantime, here’s all the links you need:

Lin and I are so happy to be sharing these spicy stories with a whole new world of readers. We hope you love them!

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