I had an epiphany a couple of weekends ago. I realized something about myself (and, by extension, my books!) I want three things in my entertainment: 

1) Happily ever afters. No surprise there.

2) All kinds of love: Heteronormative, sure. Queer of all kinds: yep! And ya know what? I want that self-love on the screen/page too. Alexis Rose at the end of Schitt’s Creek? That’s what I’m talking about! 

3) Characters who have done the inner work.  Look, I love a damaged hero, but you know what I REALLY love? A damaged hero who has been to therapy and knows himself. 🤤 Or a heroine who DGAF about what others think because she honors herself above all others. 

That deserves another Alexis Rose reference:

Anyway, this epiphany got me thinking about the books I write, and yeah, let’s just say, it tracks. 😅 I guess that’s why I’ve never written a true “alpha male.” Especially with the world how it is right now (here in The States, but everywhere really!) I just need to know the people in my life have my back. And that includes the humans I imagine and write about.  

All these realizations got me wondering, though: have you been leaning toward more or less fantasy in your media over the last few weeks? I’m definitely leaning far into the fantasy these days. I just started reading A Discovery of Witches (I know, it’s basically a high crime that I haven’t read it yet!) and I’m loving more than usual just sinking into a world that isn’t at all real. 

P.S. I did an Instagram reel all about my desire for heroes who’ve been to therapy. Go check it out if you want to laugh at me attempting to describe the kinds of heroes I prefer in the “sexiest” way I can. 😂 

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