Have you ever had a moment when something happens that snaps things/your life/your career into perspective? I’ve had many of them with my kiddos–when my daughter was admitted to the hospital and I stayed there with her for 9 days; watching my son teach himself to read; any time I get to witness that ah-ha moment when a concept they’ve been struggling with finally clicks (I love that moment!)–but less of them in my career.

This is one of the few, and possibly the brightest. I received this message from one of my long-time readers after the release of The Cloak’s Shadow way back in 2020 (or, as I like to call it, “The Year Who Shall Not Be Named”.)

My little bi heart could have burst! This was a moment when it ALL came into perspective: I write stories that feature all kinds of people because I want to live in a world where all kinds of people are not just included, but welcomed and loved. And since sometimes (often, unfortunately) that’s not true in the real world, I love creating worlds where it is true, all the time. (It’s also why Schitt’s Creek might be my all-time fave TV show, but that’s a post for another time.)

Comment with one of your light bulb/this-is-why moments so we can all bask in the good feelings together! (Also, comment if you have a recommendation for a series to watch after you’ve watched Schitt’s Creek “too many” times and are ready to branch out, but want to stay in the warm-fuzzy, love-is-love feels. TIA!)

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