Dispelled Lineage 3 will be available November 11th, but you get to see the cover right now (before anybody else!)

Persephone is a goddess but to Aaron, she’s his Mistress.

Ever since a tragic mistake, Aaron sold his soul to his father’s will. He abhors being his dad’s preternatural lackey and emotional punching bag, but in the end, it’s what monsters like him deserve. The only way to control his demons is by relinquishing his darkness to the domination of a professional.

Working as a Domme, Phillis, a.k.a Persephone, knows taking Aaron on as a client is a risk. His psyche is dark and unstable, but he’s the perfect, obedient sub who pays top dollar for her elite skills. There’s something about him she can’t ignore, and when she begins to conflate endorphins and emotions, their private lives intertwine in ways that Phillis isn’t prepared for. 

As Aaron grows too attached to his Domme, it’s the blend of soft Phillis and hard Persephone that twists him up inside. But to be with her, he has to break his curse of hurting the people he loves and accept his past, while finding acceptance in return. Letting her in puts her life in his blood-stained hands, but letting her go could drive him too far into the darkness to ever see the light again.



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