There are a ton of tarot spreads to be found on the interwebs, especially for the New Moon and the Full Moon. For me, when it comes to the Full Moon, inparticular, I found a lot of the spreads out there didn’t resonate. When I approach a reading from a place of “what’s in it for me” (e.g. “What have I manifested this cycle?” “What am I manifesting?” “How can I more easily get what I want?”) I find that I cannot connect with the cards, or my intuition. Instead, I prefer to approach my tarot practice from a place of “What can I learn?” and that’s what this spread for the Full Moon is intended for.

The full moon is a time of looking back at what has happened, and looking forward to where you are going–which, really, is a good exercise for any time you feel the need to reflect and plan, realign, or re-center. With that in mind, you can use this spread whenever you feel called to it.

Instead of asking direct questions for each card, this spread is intended as a short, deep dive where the cards will guide you to deeper understanding of where you stand right now by looking backward at what you’ve “accomplished” in the last lunar cycle (or whatever duration of time you’d like) and looking forward* to your future self. (*Looking forward is not the same as telling the future. Instead, think of it as looking inward to divine your truest, forward-looking intentions.)

Step 1: Focus your energy on asking “What have I accomplished in the last [insert period of time here]?” as you lay down the first three cards.

Step 2: Focus your energy on asking where you should put your focus/energy moving forward from here, as you lay down the last three cards.

Use this spread to gain insights into your trajectory, plans, or to realign at any point. It can be especially useful after a big shift, like after ending a relationship, leaving a job, starting a new project, or moving into a new home.

To see this spread in action, check out my Instagram, where I’ll post my Full Moon spread on Tuesday, October 19th. Bonus points if you tag me on a pic of your reading!

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