A Passion Planner open on a desk with stickers and a cactus, plus edge of the keyboard.

Can you believe it’s the last quarter of 2021? I’m diving into Q4 planning, and for the first time in a LOOONG time, I’m keeping it simple. Like, one business goal. That’s it. Between schooling the kiddos at home (something I hadn’t expected to do again this school year when I made my lofty 2021 plans all the way back in January!), and some personal/family things, I realized I really need to scale back. So for the rest of the year, Dispelled Lineage is my only focus. I hired a virtual assistant to help me manage some of the other facets of #authorlife so I don’t disappear off the face of the internet (I feel so fortunate I can do that!) and I’m trying my hardest to slow the F down. It’s hard, though, friends. I still find myself rushing, feeling the pressure of time even when it’s not truly there. Basically, I think this one-goal quarter might be my most challenging yet, but I’m here for it.

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