I’m going to try something new here on the blog, friends. Well, maybe “new” isn’t the right word for it. It’s more like a return to the way things once were. Some of you probably remember when I used to post weekly here on my blog. I liked connecting with you all so regularly, but life got hectic with two little ones, and I couldn’t make it happen without a herculean effort. So, I showed myself a little grace and let off the gas. But now life is a little more predictable (and not just because of social distancing) so I thought I’d try it again.

Each month, I’ll kick things off with an update on my projects so you get the inside scoop on what’s coming, and some behind-the-scenes peeks that I  hope you’ll find entertaining.

There’s only one problem: I’m not sure what to call these monthly updates.

Progress Report? So sterile.

Monthly Update? Too basic.

Book Reports? Hm…maybe?

Comment with your ideas and help me figure it out! Your title could be part of ellebeauregard.com forevermore. 😀 

Whatever we end up calling this recurring post, here’s the first!

On Stage: The Cloak’s Shadow

This hangs in my new office. I update it with my current primary project as it changes.

TCS is with my editor for first-round revisions. I should be getting it back from her around the middle of the month! I’m going to begin re-working the cover to get it ready for release soon (my newsletter subscribers will be the first to see it, so subscribe now if you want the inside scoop!)

In The Wings: The Medium’s Possession

TMP has gone through alpha reading and the feedback was great. I have some adjustments to make, then it will be ready to send to my editor for work after TCS. I’m really happy with how TMP is coming together.

Backstage: Dispelled (working title)

A good friend and I are working on a fun, fast-read, high-drama paranormal series we’re currently calling Dispelled. If you’re a fan of Disney movies, and stories adapted from other stories, but twisted until they’re almost unrecognizable (think Clueless v. Emma) you’ll be into these for sure. We’re in first phase series outlining right now. Up next comes second phase series outlining and deep outline/planning for the first book (which we’re currently calling Untangled.)

In the meantime, you’ve probably seen in some of my IG Stories that I’ve been slowly working on getting my writing office put together and decorated. It’s really coming together, but we hit a minor speedbump when the desk I ordered arrived broken. 😦 It’s completely unusable, so now I’m waiting until I can go shopping again to buy one in-person instead of ordering online. Until then, I’ll continue using a very narrow entry table as my desk. It’s a glamorous life, being a writer. 😉

Until next week, friends! Stay safe and healthy. And don’t forget to comment with your ideas for what in the heck I should call these update posts! I NEED YOUR HEEEEEEEELP! 😀


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