Hello faithful readers!

The hubby, kiddos and I will be traveling for the week following Christmas, so this is my last post of 2016. I’ll be back in 2017, ready to kick-off the new social media plan, including my new NEWSLETTER!  (See the sign-up link in the column to the right!)

At first blush, 2016 was a pretty challenging year. But when I look back with more detail, it was full of accomplishments and firsts in my writing career.

I completed a new manuscript, became a member of RWA, attended my first Emerald City Writers’ Conference, successfully pitched my latest manuscript to a number of agents, completed and released LINKING, and maintained a pretty solid blogging schedule while I was at it.

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty okay about 2016–at least in terms of my author life. 🙂 Here’s to an equally effective and accomplished 2017!

However you chose to spend your holidays, I  hope they are everything you hoped for/planned for/love and then some.

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