Well, at this time next week, I’ll be attending Emerald City Writers’ Conference!  So, right now, I’m working hard to be ready for all the awesomeness.  This will be my first time attending ECWC and my first time live pitching! (YIKES!)

Live pitching is just about as terrifying as it sounds. I’ll have five minutes in front of an editor or literary agent (specific editor or agent TBD) to tell them about my latest project–all in the hopes that they ask to read it!  I’ve never done a live pitch before, and so I’m thinking of this more as an opportunity to have the experience. But still, it’d be awfully great if something awesome comes of it!  So wish me luck!


Beyond the live pitch session, though, the weekend is certain to be full of educational workshops, meeting other authors, and all-around fun for a writer-geek like me. Plus it’s in Bellevue, which is just always a delight, so no complaints there.

BUT, the weekend isn’t just for authors!  If you’re local to the Seattle-Tacoma area (or if you’re willing to travel,) and you love reading romances, you should come out to the Passport to Romance event on Saturday night of the conference (10/15). It looks like its going to be a really good time.  It’s open to the public–plus, it’s FREE! So bring a friend!  If you make it out, shoot me a tweet! Maybe we’ll see each other there!


So, that’s what’s on my mind and schedule these days. I’ll try to post some pictures on Facebook and/or Twitter while I’m there!

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