Hi everyone!

I’m on vacation starting TODAY!  So here’s an unidentified snippet (that’s, admittedly, not very vacation-like,) for your reading enjoyment:

Jenna looked to her friend, then turned to look in the very direction Aubrey was turning away from with her jacket held over her face.  The pair of legs that were lying in the sunshine were attached to the rest of a man who was in the shadow, his body bisected by the shade of the building. 

“He was alive this morning,” Aubrey hissed.  “We saw him on the way to school!”

Jenna swallowed down a sigh.  She found it odd, but admirable, she supposed, that Aubrey still said things like that.  Maybe that was the normal way to handle it, she thought.  But while Aubrey looked away and shielded herself from the details of the dead body lying half-in-half-out of the alleyway, Jenna looked at the man, waiting for fear, or disgust, or pity to rise up in her chest. 

It never did.  No matter how many times she looked. 

I’ll try to post a happier snippet next week to close out my vacation. 🙂

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