Here’s how they explain it: “Beginning on August 1, Bustle will host Romance Novel Month, a celebration and examination of the romance novel genre.”

Pretty great, right?

The introductory article, entitled Bustles Romance Novel Month Celebrates a Genre Dominated by Strong, Smart Women, sets the tone for a Romance-Genre-Loving, pro-women, feminist romp of a good time for the month of August–and beyond. But more than that, it makes some strong, positive points about Romance fiction, many of which need to be heard and talked about so we can begin to untangle the stereotypes and misconceptions about the genre as a whole–primarily that romance authors chose the genre because they don’t have the chops to write other kinds of fiction. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But most of all, from the whole article, I love this quote:


If you read the article, share your thoughts in the comments below! And/or if you read more of Bustle’s articles throughout Romance Novel Month, keep the conversation going! You can comment here, or tweet at me!

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