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New Year, New Elle

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, your holidays were restful/exciting/lovely/safe/warm (and/or whatever else you’d hoped they would be!)  Mine were exhausting and fantastic. Much delicious food was prepared and consumed, many gifts were opened, and now I’m onto the task of returning my house to its pre-holiday season state of organization. Which is to say, generally organized with only a moderate degree of chaos and mess.

So while my house is slowly returning to normal, my author life is receiving an upgrade in 2017! In early December, I took a step back and came up with a plan that lets me spend more time doing what I love most about being an author–writing books, and communicating with all of you!  Here’s the scoop:

  • The first edition of my new monthly newsletter, Elle News, will arrive in people’s inboxes on 2/1. You can sign up here.  Each issue will include a round-up of the month’s blog posts, updates on my various projects, and exclusive content that only Elle News subscribers will have access to.  Elle News subscribers will also get early access to pre-orders and giveaways. Spread the word!
  • My profile picture is changing across all my social media profiles. It’s been years since I’ve had a new profile pic; seemed like now was a good time to update.


    New look, same Elle! 

  • In the spirit of doing fewer things, but doing them right, I’ve scaled back my presence on Tumblr. I still post bookish things there (primarily via Pinterest) and these blog posts auto-post there, so if that’s how you prefer to stay up-to-date, you won’t be left hanging. I love Tumblr, it was just time to focus my efforts elsewhere for a while.
  • The Shift Series will be removed from paperback distribution at the end of this month.  I wrote a post on this a few weeks back. Again, this is in an effort to do fewer things well, instead of all the things halfway. I’m likely to return to print at some point–and you’ll all be the first to know when I do.

So, what about you? What are your goals for 2017? Are they big enough that they need to be broken into smaller, more manageable chunks? How will you measure your success?



Paperbacks Off Sale in 2017

After some serious soul searching (and realistic calendar/schedule and budget observing) I’ve come to the decision to remove the SHIFT, RECAST, and DRIFT paperbacks from distribution.

shift-final-cover-w-desert-bn1.jpgProducing a paperback book is substantially more difficult and time-consuming than producing an ebook. That difficulty and time commitment is part of why I haven’t released STAND in paperback, despite my initial intentions to do so.  I just don’t feel that I can produce a quality paperback right now, and I’d rather have no paperback out in the world than releasing a paperback of poor quality. To top it off, the requirements of my paperback distributor have changed such that my books no longer print with the same level of quality that they once did, and edits are becoming increasingly arduous to make.

So, yeah. It’s time to cut ties.

But there’s still time! I’ll remove them from distribution after the newDRIFT (Shift Series #3) year. So if you’ve been putting off buying SHIFT, RECAST, or DRIFT in paperback, now is the time to do it.

And, who knows, one day I may return to the land of paperbacks. I do love the feeling of a book in my hands, after all.  And when I do return, you’ll all be the first to know.


Life and stuff

Hello faithful readers!

I took a break from the blog (and, truthfully, a lot of things) for the last couple of weeks. Those of you who’ve followed me for any length of time, and have seen my posts regarding women in literature can likely figure out why.

But, that’s not the only reason for my hiatus. I’ve also been working hard on a re-work to the end of my latest manuscript, spending time with my family, and making my social media/blog plan for 2017. So, you know, it wasn’t all depression, fear, and anger! I managed to bend all of that into productivity! 🙂

newsletter_iconThe fun news is that all of that productivity and planning led me to a decision: I’m going to launch a monthly newsletter in 2017!  It will likely provide a recap with links to the month’s blog posts, but also give updates on my projects–and maybe offer some exclusive content, giveaways, etc.  I’ll post more about that later, with a link to sign up, so keep an eye out for future posts!

Finally, for those of you in The States, I hope you have a happy, “healthy”, safe Thanksgiving!  And for those of you who will be shopping on Black Friday (as I will be!) be kind to your fellow shoppers. The world could use more good deeds and smiles right about now.