Hello friend! 

How have you been? 

Me? To be honest, I’m experiencing a deep case of burn out. There’s no one thing causing it, just a confluence of life, weather, career, and unfulfilled hopes. Depression is a real bitch. 

I need to show myself some love before Blood Born’s release (8/31 YAY!) so I’m going to step away from the internet for a couple of months. My hope is that by reducing the amount of media content I consume and create, I’ll make room in my very loud brain to hear my own thoughts again. This has been a hard decision because I genuinely love connecting with my readers (like you!) on social media, but the constant scroll robs me of brain power. My battery level is at emergency levels, which means its time for a recharge!

So what does that mean? I’ll start sending newsletters again as soon as summer rolls around, maybe even a little sooner. As for social media, I’ll be mostly absent until at least early July. While I’m away, my assistant will be making one or two marketing-style posts for me each week on IG, FB, and TT, and I’ll send her the occasional video update to post when I have news to share, but as usual my newsletter will be the very best way to stay in-touch and up-to-date (so nothing’s really changing there!) 

That said, there are some really cool things going on in the land of Elle, so here’s the stuff I want to make sure you know before I go dark: 

  • Blood Bond (Bloodline Saga 1) just went on sale! It’s $0.99 and will stay that way until Blood Born comes out in August. Spread the word! 
  • Blood Born (Bloodline Saga 2) is available for preorder (ebook only for the time being, but the paperback is coming soon!) and is still on schedule for its 8/31 release! This online-vacay is not jeopardizing the launch (in fact, it’s helping to ensure it happens!) **My beta readers are starting to send me notes back and I am SO PROUD OF THIS BOOK. I can’t wait for you to read it!**
  • Untangled (Dispelled Lineage 1) is now FREE across all major bookstores! The rest of the series is still exclusive to Amazon (available in Kindle Unlimited), but will be removed from KU in July so it can be widely available, just like Untangled.
  • Sign-ups to be on the Blood Born ARC team will be going out in the next month or two, so keep an eye on your inbox (I’ll email the sign-up form) and on social media if you want to read Blood Born for free in exchange for an honest review. 

That’s it, my friend! Thank you for your support and understanding. 


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