I finished the first draft of Blood Born (Bloodline Saga 2) earlier this week and typing those words–The End–just never gets old. The book is nowhere near complete–it will go through at least 3 revision/editing passes before being formatted, uploaded and launched. There are still many months of work ahead before Blood Born comes out next year (I’ll give a specific release date when I have one) but that doesn’t mean you can’t preorder it!

The e-book for Blood Born is available for preorder on Amazon now, and most other online bookstores as well (if it hasn’t hit your fave yet, check back in a day or two–sometimes it takes a few days for a book to hit online bookstore shelves.)

If nothing else, go check out the preorder so you can be one of the first to see Blood Born’s GORGEOUS cover! I swoon every time I look at it.

You can also find Blood Born on Goodreads or on BookBub and add it to your TBR (which would be amazing! TIA!)

More fun news!

  1. To celebrate the preorder launch of Blood Born, I’ve decided to keep Blood Bond (Bloodline Saga 1) at its special release price ($2.99) through the end of the year. In January, the price will jump to $4.99, so snatch it up while you can!
  2. I will be donating ALL of my royalties from book sales in December to Unite Against Book Bans. That includes royalties from all my series, all formats, across all online bookstores (even paperbacks through my website!) My favorite thing is using my success to lift others, support causes that are important to me, and otherwise strive to be the change I want to see in the world. With recent book bans disproportionately targeting queer and sex positive stories (the very kinds of stories I write and you read!) I figure what better way to support the mission to protect freedom of expression than by donating the money I make from selling books that would likely be banned in some states if they were popular enough to draw attention. So help me spread the word! And if you already own all of my books (thank you!) consider making a donation directly to UABB here.

This will be my last official post of the year! After next week, I will be mostly internet silent for the rest of 2022, but I’ll be back in January talking about my plans for 2023, giving an update on just how much I was able to donate in December, and more! So stick around–this year may be ending, but I’m just getting started 😘

I hope the end of your 2022 is full of love, peace, and whatever else your heart truly desires.

♥️ Elle

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