Depending on where you live, today is the shortest/longest day of the year, and either way, I’m wishing you the very best! 

Since I live in the northern half of the Northern Hemisphere, today will be very, very short. Our sun has been setting around 4PM here since the beginning of December, and it will be completely dark by 5. (My 6-year-old whispered to me the other night, when we arrived home from errands at 5PM, “Are Dad and brother already asleep?”

My heart. 

“No,” I explained. “It’s not even dinner time yet.” 

By the end of February, I will be so done with the cold, wet, darkness, but for now I’m still enjoying the blustery chill as a sign of the season. Still, to say we’re looking forward to the gradually lengthening days would be an understatement.

So how are you spending your solstice? I plan to curl up with a good book or movie tonight after the kids go to bed, possibly in front of the Christmas tree, and soak in the feeling of the shifting season while feeling grateful for my warm, safe house. 

This will be my last blog post of the year, and as I reflect on all I’ve accomplished in 2021, I’m humbled and happy—and ready to define my 2022. You won’t see me say anything like “2022 is going to be my year!” because that’s not my style (and, frankly, after the last two years, I’m a little wary of that kind of language 😅) but I am very much looking forward to the fresh start that the new year brings. I don’t do resolutions, but I deeply believe in setting intentions. And with that in mind, my word for the year is going to be FUN. 

Yep, that’s simple. Just the intention of keeping merriment in the forefront of my efforts, whether mundane or extraordinary. Sounds simple—might be very difficult. We’ll see. 

What is your word of the year? 

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