If you’re in the northern hemisphere, today is the longest day of the year. Where I live, that means sunset will be just after 9PM and the sky will stay light until just about 11PM.

I’d planned to talk about a totally different topic today, but I could not get myself into it and that’s when I realized I needed to just go with the flow of the universe and do a more free-flow check-in and tarot card pull. You can go watch the video on my IGTV, or you can keep reading for the summarized version 😉

So what card did we get?

The 8 of Coins from the Star Spinner Tarot deck

When I first saw this card, I immediately noticed that the coins were all clocks.

How wild is that given that we’re pulling this card on the longest day of the year?? (I LOVE it when stuff like that happens during a tarot reading!)

Now, when I read tarot, I like to observe the card without looking anything up about the meaning first. From simple observation, I often derive a lot of meaning that’s very personal to me and my current headspace.

In this case, all of those clocks served as a reminder to treat this summer as a season of ease. There is plenty of time to do live the kind of life I want: fun with my family, investment in my career, and dedication to our home.

No stress. The universe will provide what is needed in its time.

As for the “official” definition, this card is all about reaching a new milestone in your career, investing in yourself, and mastering your craft. That could not be more spot on for me right now, too. Ever since the re-launch of The Shift Series, my career is starting to feel more exciting, like I’m making real strides toward my goals. This will be a season about finding ease while I further the impact made by these latest steps forward.

So, tell me, how does this card resonate with you? Are you taking any messages from this single card into your approach to the second half of 2021?

Sending love,


P.S. Next week I’ll be revealing the cover for the final book in the Cloaked Series, The Witch’s Complement, so stay tuned!

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