I’ve got some good news, and some bad news, friends.

Bad news first: The Witch’s Complement is being delayed until July. I’d planned to release it at the end of May but a few things conspired together to make me push the release. On top of that, TWC is Wren’s story, and those of you who’ve read the rest of the series know that if anybody deserves the best damned Happily Ever After I can give them, it’s Wren. I cannot rush this book.

But, delaying TWC has a happy side effect, and that’s where the good news comes in!

The Shift Series is going to come out of hiatus (with new covers and blurbs) at the end of May (a whole month earlier than I’d originally planned! 🎉) I’ll be revealing the new covers next week over on Instagram and on my Facebook page. But my newsletter subscribers will get to see them first! So if you want to be one of the first to see the brand new covers for The Shift Series (seriously, they’re the best covers the series has ever had–by far!) go sign-up!

Which brings me to the other bit of good news: My newsletter subscribers are going to receive a FREE novella, Cloaked Funeral (The Cloaked Series 2.5), in their May newsletter. Cloaked Funeral takes place between The Medium’s Possession, and The Witch’s Complement (the same way Cloaked Christmas takes place between The Cloak’s Shadow and The Medium’s Possession.) Cloaked Funeral is free for my subscribers, so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already.

And that’s it! You now have all the latest and greatest news in the world of Elle. To make it simple, here’s a breakdown of the new timeline.

  • End of April – Shift Series Cover Reveal
  • May Newsletter – Cloaked Funeral (The Cloaked Series 2.5) releases to subscribers
  • End of May – The Shift Series re-releases to all major e-bookstores 🎉
  • June – (I’ll be a little MIA while I take the fam on a long overdue vacation!)
  • End of July – The Witch’s Complement (The Cloaked Series 3) releases to all major e-bookstores (Amazon for paperback.)

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