The Medium’s Possession (The Cloaked Series 2) is one month away (2/23) and available for pre-order at all major ebookstores. 🙌 I’m so excited for you all to re-meet Cecily and Scott. They’re freaking adorable together. Keep reading for the blurb and cover.

Everything is more complicated when you talk to ghosts.

Cecily is ready to re-launch her life after the death of her boyfriend, starting with moving her over-worked sister, Zander, back to Seattle. The trouble is Scott—the sexy, tattoo artist brother of Zander’s boyfriend–who is making the move, too. Crushing on Scott while her ex literally haunts her would be awkward… and apparently unavoidable.

Ah, life as a medium. 

Scott has wanted Cecily since the first time he heard her voice. There’s only one problem with that: she’s Zander’s little sister, and crossing that line risks the newfound balance he fought for–and a secret he’s been keeping for too long.

When Zander’s behavior becomes erratic, they blame the pressure of the move–until she spirals in ways more supernatural than stressed. Cecily and Scott band together, navigating their attraction while helping to save Zander’s life from the hidden darkness consuming her. But to banish the evil, they need a witch—and she might not make it in time.

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And if you haven’t yet read the first book in the series, The Cloak’s Shadow, now is the time! It’s only $0.99 now though the end of Feburary. Go get it!

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